Cubes! by Oscar Rui, Caramba Magic

(c. 2010)
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First conceived by P.T. Selbit in the early Twentieth Century, it is often called The Selbit Blocks and was introduced to the magic fraternity under the name Bewildering Blocks in London c. 1906. Later, Conradi developed a version in Germany, which he advertised c. 1907, so it was sometimes referred at as the Conradi Blocks.

Known over the years by a variety of names including:, “Selbit Blocks”, “Conradi Blocks”, “Bewildering Blocks”, “Magic Bricks” and most recently “Cube-Libre”, this effect appeals to more sophisticated audiences and will have them talking for DAYS afterwards. In fact, Bob Sheets and other noted performers swear by “the blocks” and feature them with great regularity in their programs.

Spanish magician Oscar Rui of Caramba Magic has formulated his own handling of a true classic. Rui’s routine utilizes just ONE tube versus the customary two, and uses FOUR blocks rather than six. Although they look like part of the design, the black circles on the front of the tube are actually slate pieces allowing you to manually write numbers on them.

This is a very high-quality and practical version of this effect and works extremely smoothly. It is probably the best parlor/stage sized version I have seen and I think you will have a lot of fun with this one. The addition of the chalk to write the number on the tube is a unique with this version and it is a great idea.

Effect: The basic effect starts with four numbered blocks being displayed, then restacked into a different numeric order, covered, then quickly uncovered revealing that they’ve returned to their ORIGINAL stacked order. It’s a visual powerhouse!

The premise of this effect is simple-to-follow, yet completely mind-bending to onlookers!

As the routine progresses, four distinct block transpositions occur. For the final kicker finish, the audience is invited to call out numbers (1 through 4) in order to create a four-digit number. This four-digit number is written from top to bottom on the slate circles on the tube’s front panel. Next, the blocks are stacked in a DIFFERENT four-digit number configuration than the number just created by the spectators.

For the finale, the blocks are covered, and after a brief moment, the cover is removed revealing that the blocks have rearranged themselves into the EXACT 4-DIGIT NUMBER that was randomly created by the audience just moments ago!

Remember, the sequence of numbers written on the black circles is FREELY CHOSEN by the audience members.

If you’ve ever seen this trick performed, you know how strong of an effect this can be. Oscar Rui’s routine and handling is exceedingly straightforward and well thought out. The fact that the audience members get to select the order of the last four numbers makes for a VERY STRONG FINISH!

Fabricated in high-quality lacquered wood, all cubes and gimmicks have been meticulously calibrated to ensure flawless operation.

Comes complete with BOTH written instructions and instructional DVD.

An awesome routine and a really GREAT trick expertly crafted by Oscar Rui of Caramba Magic in Spain.

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