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Cover to Cover by Ed Massey, Louis Gaynor

(c. 1948,2020)
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Out of stock


Another ingenious idea from the great Ed Massey recreated perfectly by Louis Gaynor for Stevens Magic.  Ed first released this c. 1948 and it is typical of his clever mind. When I first watched the video I had no idea how it worked!

A very well priced item from Stevens Magic – you can’t go wrong at these prices 🙂

Effect: Performer shows an ordinary “Coke” bottle which he places on a little stand, isolating it completely. He then exhibits a book, flicking the pages convincingly! The book is covered with a large foulard, with its form clearly seen. No switches it really is a book, no fake form, etc. Without any fumbling the book is lowered slowly over the bottle, which is seen to slowly PENETRATE upwards right through the middle of the book, until the book rests upon the stand! Performer allows it to rest there, momentarily, then he raises the book, removes the foulard and there is the bottle resting upon the book having apparently penetrating the book – “Cover to Cover!” Or with an alternative performance the bottle can be seen resting still on the table, if the magician chooses to show the penetration as the book goes down and then also raises the book up again.


  • The stand packs flat,
  • ordinary bottles may be used.
  • Comes complete with all that you need to perform this miracle effect.
  • Coke bottle, foulard, table that breaks apart for packing, included and a book.

As the Great Buma always said, “Don’t show me what’s NEW…show me what’s old and good!”

Additional Routine: Product comes with a clever routine from the original instructions that reads: “This is a particularly effective method of presenting Cover-to-Cover. In this clever routine, created by Edward G. Banning, the book is shown partially penetrated with hands free, giving a most remarkable effect. I can highly recommend it.” – Edward M. Massey

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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