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Cork Thru Card by Unknown

(c. 1967)
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A budget version of this beautiful effect by Eddy Taytelbaum. This version has wooden slides which do not open unlike other versions of the effect.

Here is a wonderful presentation for this effect from Ed Dunhill:

“Have you ever’ seen a vampire? Well this is a vampire.” (Show card with hole.) “What do you mean, it looks like a playing card? You have no romance in your soul. Take my word for it – lt’s a vampire”.

“In a certain village in the old country, this vampire was doing nasty things to people with a paper-punch and two straws on the side of the neck – the villagers decided they must kill him, they knew they could only kill him by driving a stake through his heart. They were very poor and couldn’t even afford a pork chop, much less a stake.”

“They did have a cork though so they bored a hole through his heart, put him in his coffin, use your imagination”. (Put card in wood holder.) “Do you believe this? Stop looking at me as though I’ve lost my mind , and, to make sure he didn’t escape, they put the cork through and left one of the villagers to guard the coffin through the night. You’re the guard (pointing to the spectator).

“It was a very dark and dismal night and very quiet” (lower voice). “The guard was afraid of the silence. There was hardly a sound except the soft pounding of his terrified heart. Then, from nowhere, a cry was heard …

“When the villagers returned in the morning they found the vampire missing”. (Instruct the spectator to pull the card from the holder.) “And the only thing they found was the coffin and the cork.”

Ed Dunhill (Magicgram Vol. 17, # 1, pg 48, Sept. 1984)

(Notice: This does not come with any instructions.)

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