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Cork and Card Penetration by Michael Baker

(c. 2020)
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Out of stock


The Cork Penetration was invented by Eddy Taytelbaum and there have been many versions over the years including these ones  (though I’m missing the wonderful version released by the talented Frenchman Franois Danis).  As is often the case Eddy’s version is still the gold standard but this is a very nice set from the talented Michael Baker

Most versions have a hole in the card but it is not always the case and Michael’s uses a complete card.  I also added a card with a hole just in case you wanted to perform it the more standard way.

This looks great in your collection and works perfectly too.

Effect: Three items are shown … a cork stopper, a playing card, and a small flat panel with a hole through the center. The panel is made in such a manner that it allows for passage of the cork through the hole, but also for the playing card cross ways through the center. This is all demonstrated for the audience. In fact, all pieces may be thoroughly examined.

The cork is placed into the hole. In this position, it acts as a barrier, preventing the card from passing through. Yet, this is exactly what happens! The card is pushed all the way through the panel, apparently penetrating the cork and the space it occupies. This can be visibly seen from any angle. Finally, the pieces are separated, and once again everything may be thoroughly examined.


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