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Constant Fooling (Vol. 2) by David Regal

(c. 2002)
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Effect: Constant Fooling (two book set) – Michael Close, reviewing these books in Magic Magazine, said, “Constant Fooling Volumes 1 & 2 get my vote as the best general magic books that have appeared in the last few years… They have my highest recommendation.” Each volume is over two hundred pages, lavishly photo illustrated (by Leslie Davis-Regal) and printed on the finest paper.


Cards &
3 On The Powers Of God : what if God did magic?
4 Caught In The Act: an effective yet simple card in mousetrap
7 A Magic Lesson: A card to pocket effect, but the card found has “your signature” on it, that then visibly turns into the spectator’s signature
10 Lucky Seven: a selected card matches a miniature card found in the magician’s wallet
12 Compounding a Lie: a lie detector card plot in two versions. In one, the selection is the only red backed card; in the other, all the other cards are found to be blank
16 Magic Incorporated: a clever use for self-printed business cards; a card prediction with 2 handlings
20 Hofzinser Sans Hofzinser: a nice card prediction effect where the audience is led to believe the prediction will be wrong
24 One-Two-Three-Four: a series of changes with the Ace to 4 of Clubs
28 Shred of Proof: a card prediction using a cryptographic strip of paper
33 Eight Ball: a quickie in where the 8 of Clubs produces an 8-ball
35 The Magic Book: a interesting effect in which the selection transposes with the page of a mystery novel
40 Heading North: a non-impromptu but relatively uncomplicated card rise
44 Going Through With It: a card penetrates down through the middle of a card sandwich
50 Crazy & Lazy: a knife inserted into the pack locates the only odd-backed card (done face up)
53 Seriously Silly: a comment about the following effect
54 The Card That Could Not Be Found: a mutli-phase routine in which the 2 of Hearts is found repeatedly instead of the selection
54 Trick #1: The Two That Would Not Die: a card is flicked out of the deck, then flipped on top of the deck, then rises, each time it is the 2 of Hearts and not the selection
57 In the Wake of Disaster – The Big Switch: a deck switch
58 Trick #2 Rats!: a pet mouse (from Rodent in a Box, Constant Fooling Volume 1) attempts to find the selection but fails
59 Trick #3 The Two That Dies: the Two of Hearts is shot with a laser pistol and ends up with a large scorched hole. 
61 Trick #4 Holy Mother of God: Finally, the selection is found. The spectator takes a new card, it is the same as the original selection. Then, every card in the deck becomes the selection. The tiny card the mouse chose has changed to the selection. Finally, the burnt card has become the selection as well!

63 Mental
65 Not This!: the performer predicts a shape drawn by the spectator, plus a shape not selected (excellent lesson in equivoque)
70 Off Color Thought: several shapes are drawn on yellow paper, the selected shape matches a prediction on a pink slip
75 The New Yorker Magazine Test: several back issues are provided to audience and a page is selected. The magician is able to tell which words are on that page. Requires a small investment in back issues of The New Yorker
79 An Odd Decision: A spectator names any card, which turns out to be the only odd-backed card in the deck. The deck can then be used for other tricks. A nice, simple presentation but requires magician to be seated.
83 Out of this Borough: a variation on Out of This World using ESP as the theme
88 Party Line: a high-tech version of calling someone and having that person reveal a card. The spectator can make the call himself.
93 Thinking of You: a spectator picks one name from a Rolodex of 500. The magician opens an envelope that has been on the table, and inside is a funny letter from the the individual selected
98 Journey to Love: From a list of 24 fancy hotels, the spectators select the proper hotel and room number that match a key held in view of the audience
104 Piece of My Mind: Spectator selects a puzzle piece from a USA Map puzzle and the magician determines which state is selected
108 Thoughtful Words: the magician determines which word card was selected from a stack of 52 different words
113 Voice of Reason: a high-tech revelation using a modern calculator/voice recorder, or can be done with a number of other recorders on the market. Two approaches provided.
119 My Black Book: the spectator selects the predicted female name from the magician’s black book, as predicted by the magician’s grandmother
124 The Very Last Card: Cards are eliminated until only one remains: the selection
132 The Other Half: an essay on presenting yourself for the maximum positive reaction

137 One Secret: effects using a commercially available product
139 Getting Sticky: Introduction to the gimmick and how to introduce it during your act
143 A Good Catch: a selection is “caught” between two Jokers as the spectator dribbles the deck
145 Stabbed with Extreme Prejudice: a Joker is used to stab the deck and finds the selected card
148 Sticky Mama: a handling for Al Leech’s Red Hot Mama
151 Sticky Hofzinser: a card is selected and 4 Aces shown. The matching suit Ace turns over, then changes into the selection
156 Sticky Transpo: a Joker and a signed selection change places
158 Sticky Monte: the Monte game is explained but the money card vanishes and is reproduced from the pocket
165 Mucilaginous Monte: a Monte routine using the gimmick throughout. Two endings provided
172 A Tacky Introduction: any card in the deck is named, and it is found to have a “Hello, My Name Is” sticker on it
176 Triple Cross: any three cards are named and found to be the only three with an odd-colored back and an X drawn on them
179 Tenacious Climber: an ambitious card routine using the gimmick

183 $
185 Under the Magnifying Glass: an essay on maximizing and minimizing certain aspects of an effect to enhance the magic
186 The Origami Bill Switch: a two process bill switch, logical and well done
195 Where Credit is Due: a credit card vanishes and reappears in a sealed envelope
200 Easy Alchemy: copper coins are changed into silver coins
204 A Coin Holdout: how to build it
205 A Simple But Complete Vanish: using the holdout
205 A Coins Through the Table Routine: using the holdout

209 Gaffed Decks
211 Deep Guilt Aces: the spectator cuts to the Aces. Similar to Mark Jenest’s commercial Casino Deck
214 The Coincidence Deck: magician places card down, then spectator. This is repeated several times, and the cards match.
218 Roughly Identical: Cards are dealt face up. When the spectator says “now”, one card is dealt face down. The four turned over cards match a prediction
222 Face It, You’ve Changed: an examined selection is replaced face up in the deck and its back changes color

225 After Hours
227 After Hours: a full deck story effect about a night in a club
239 With Thanks: credits

  • Publisher: Murphy’s Magic Supplies, Inc.
  • Pages: 239
  • Location: CA, USA
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 2002
  • Binding: hardbound

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