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Constant Fooling (Vol. 1) by David Regal

(c. 2002)
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Effect: Constant Fooling (two book set) –  Michael Close, reviewing these books in Magic Magazine, said, “Constant Fooling Volumes 1 & 2 get my vote as the best general magic books that have appeared in the last few years… They have my highest recommendation.” Each volume is over two hundred pages, lavishly photo illustrated (by Leslie Davis-Regal) and printed on the finest paper. 


ix No Title Offered (Stephen Minch)
xi Preface (R. Paul Wilson) 
xiii Introduction ( David Regal) 

3 Bottoms Up A 3
7 The World’s First Card Trick 
12 The Sum of the Parts 
17 Carried Away. 17
22 The Wild Bunch 
29 Distant Transfer 
32 Thinking It Over (R. Paul Wilson) 
39 Happy Endings 39
42 Four the Hard Way 
49 The Two O’clock Jiggle 
53 Open Additions 
57 All in One (William Goodwin) 
64 Still Holding On 
67 A Match Made in Heaven 
70 Control Yourself 
72 Open From the Bottom 
75 Clandestine Jokers (John Lovick) 
78 Flash Flight 
83 The Color of Science 
90 A Subtle Hue 
94 Lonely are the B’wave 
97 Three…Two…One 
101 High & Dry 
103 The Mystery Card 
107 The Butterfly Hop 
111 On Call 
118 Your Number’s Up 
122 The Hot Spot (Gordon Bean & David Regal)
125 The Horrible Truth 
126 One Gambling Move 
130 All Roads Lead to Larry 
134 The D. R. System 
149 Lineup
153 Deceptive Control 

A True Story
159 Impure Thoughts 
160 Cups & Balls & Cups & Balls 

Something Other
189 A Few Admissions 
190 Battery Power 
194 The Cotton Ball 
197 Band Box
202 Pardon My Gaff 
204 Solid Gold
208 The Luggage Tag 
212 Barrel Of Monkeys 
217 The Circle Of Life 
221 Chink-A-Drink 
226 Speed Of Light 
229 Rodent-In-A-Box 

  • Publisher: Murphy’s Magic Supplies, Inc.
  • Pages: 232
  • Location: CA, USA
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 2002
  • Binding: hardbound

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