Colour Dice by El Duco’s Magic

(c. 1974)
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Another great Jumbo Dice effect from El Duco using the same sized dice (1″) as Duco’s Dice.  This one requires a little more practice but if you are looking for something different and don’t mind some practice you’ll have a great routine to fool them all.

Effect: This excellent dice routine has been featured by some of the world’s leading close-up performers. British magicians who have seen Bill Stickland feature it in his act with dice, will know what a fine effect it has upon audiences. Now the Supreme Magic Company has been granted the exclusive British rights to market the trick..

The routine is full of surprises which the finely made apparatus makes as easy as possible for you. Discerning magicians will enthuse over the particularly clever colour change which is so clean that it appears like real magic.

Two cards are shown each of which has a different coloured die printed on it’s face (BLUE and RED). A spectator has a perfectly free choice of any card and this card is placed back outwards under the clip of a fountain pen outside the breast pocket – the card being visible the whole time.

A real YELLOW die is now taken from the pocket, tossed into the air, then placed on top of the closed left fist. The right forefinger pushes the dice into the fist and as it emerges from the other end, it is seen to have changed colour and is now BLACK. Both hands are shown to be otherwise empty.

The card is taken (from under the clip and it is found that the dice printed on its face has also changed to YELLOW.  Finally the other card is picked up from the table and placed face-to-face with the chosen cacd. When the cards are opened and the faces shown, both now have a YELLOW die printed on them.

The big feature of Supreme’ s outfit is the instructions which Lewis Gan son has written specially for us in his own inimitable way.  Concise, clear and easy to follow to make the working of the Trick quite easy. Fully-printed the instructions include no less than nine carefully-taken photographs of Lewis’s own hands performing the effect.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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