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Color Divination by Klingl

(c. 1950)
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Out of stock


Another wonderful and compact item from Klingl. This really is a great size and can easily slip into your jacket pocket or even your shirt pocket. I think you could get used to performing this on a regular basis because it works so well and it is such a suitable size for carrying.

Klingl or Zauber-Klingl was an Austrian Magic manufacturer and dealer founded by Rudiga Michael Klingl c. 1869 and they continued until the 1980’s. Their creations are high quality and are keenly sought by collectors today.

Effect: The magician states he is going to try and exercise in ESP using four different colored chips along with an ordinary box. The box has a sliding tray that, when opened, reveals four holes. The magi instructs the spectator to place the different colored chips, as they choose inside the unit, and when finished slide the tray firmly shut. (NOTE: Before the spectators execute this task, the magician either turns his back or leaves the room completely.)

At the performers desire, he is able to divine exactly the order the chips were placed. The unit is simply elegant and beautiful.

  • No Magnets!
  • The chips are ordinary in every way.
  • No Electronics!
  • Nothing added or taken away, the whole unit is self-contained
  • The box will withstand close scrutiny

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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