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Color Changing Candle by Okito-Williams

(c. 1950,1998)
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The Color Changing Candle is #5 in the Okito-Williams Replicas of the Masters series made in a limited edition of just 30 units. This is an amazing mechanical device and it was featured in Dr Albo’s first book The Oriental Magic of The Bambergs (pg. 76) and in The Ultimate Okito on DVD 4 Okito’s original version is demonstrated and explained.

The basic idea of a “Color Changing Candle” was invented by Ed Massey, not Okito, however, Okito built the apparatus in his own inimitable fashion including variations with the mechanics which greatly improved the overall handling. Carl Williams included several of his own mechanical improvements without detracting from the Okito design. These improvements have not only made the apparatus more reliable and performable but have done so without compromising the original Okito design.

Effect: The Okito/Williams, “Color Changing Candle” is a mechanical self-working apparatus producing the effect of instantly changing a white candle to a red one.  Even though the candle is lit and a silk handkerchief is tied around the candle during the change.

Suggested Performance: A Candle Holder, holding a white candle, is introduced to the audience. The magician reaches into the air and produces a red silk which he ties, loosely, around the middle of the white candle. The magician then pulls a lit match from his coat lapel which he uses to light the candle.

After lighting the candle the magician changes the lit match into a boutonniere which he places into the lapel button hole of his coat. The Candle Holder is picked up and carried toward the audience. At the command of the magician the candle instantaneously turns red as the silk remains in place. The silk is removed from the red candle and is vanished as it is tossed into the air. The magician takes his bow and graciously accepts applause from the audience.

(You would need to provide the extra gimmicks to actually do the Suggested Performance.)


  • Chrome candle holder.
  • Key/Crank (to activate the mechanism).
  • Red Candle + White Candle Gimmicks.
  • Silk Hanky.
  • Wooden dowel wick insert (Notice: this is not the original brass wick insert, which is missing).
  • Five pages of Instructions.

(Notice: Carl Williams issued this with a brass wick insert but that is missing and a wooden dowel wick insert is used instead.  From the audience perspective there is no difference and the original Okito versions used the dowel/wick insert too.)

(Notice 2: the bottom of the red candle insert has some of the paint scraped away – this is a common problem with the device and unavoidable due to the nature of the stand.  It is mentioned in the instructions and once the candle is inserted inside the holder it cannot be seen.  This is not a fault with the product and whether you use this effect or display it in your collection you will not see the missing paint sections, only when you dismantle the prop.)

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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