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Collector’s ESP Die by Secret Factory

(c. 2020)
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Estimated: $140 - $260
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Item condition: New

Winning Bid: $174.00


As cool and reliable as the latest version of Anverdi’s Mental Dice is there are plenty of magicians that avoid any sort of electronics in their magic.  Luckily, there have been a number of effects where you can discern the dice on top without any electronics.  They began c. 1973 with Milson’s (yes before Milson-Worth) Mental Die, the next version was Chazpro’s Die-Cipher c. 1990, then Die-Cipher II was released c. 1994.

Now the Secret Factory have released their own high end Collector’s version that improves the method from all previous versions and looks stunning.  Of course the price is substantially more too, but if you wanted to get the simplest and most beautiful version of this great effect with zero electronics you will need to search no longer.

Effect: Collector’s ESP Die is truly a masterpiece that you and your audience will love. Every Collector’s ESP Die is made with top quality walnut, perfect for the performer and collector.

Imagine being able to determine a person’s thought-of shape with 100% accuracy. There are no electronics, no peeking. You can perform the routine without looking or even blindfolded.

You can do mind-reading effects or predictions with it. Perfect for those who like to perform magic in an elegant way.

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