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Coin Magic by Richard Kaufman

(c. 1981,1982)
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Effect: Illustrated by Richard Kaufman. An incredible collection of coin magic from David Roth, Geoffrey Latta, Sol Stone, Derek Dingle, and more! Well illustrated and explained. The David Roth section is somewhat duplicative of Kaufman/Roth’s Expert Coin Magic, but there is certainly enough here to warrant getting both volumes. Highly Recommended.

This 266 page hard-bound book has an incredible amount of coin moves and routines from some of the biggest names in magic. David Roth, Edward Marlo, and Slydini each have their own section of this masterwork. Each effect and routine is explained in exhaustive detail along with beautifully clear illustrations by Richard himself. If you are a coin magician, or an aspiring coin magician, you need this book. This collection of coin material will take your act to the next

Contents (from Book, 1992 edition, though contents of both editions seem to be identical):

1 Foreword by (Jon Racherbaumer)
3 Introduction

5 Retention Clip Vanish (Richard Kaufman): visual coin vanish
6 Palm Change: coin change
7 Fingertip Rest Postion: explained
8 Palm and Grip Transfers: switching grips

The David Roth Section
10 Sleights and Finesse
10 – The Shuttle Pass: utility move
12 – Edge Grip Technique: display, curl palm, edge grip load, Shuttle Pass from Edge Grip, Shuttle Pass Drop, Recovery
17 – The Scoop Addunder: adding a palmed coin to a group picked up from the table
18 – The Frontal Imp Pass: table coin pass
20 – Pop Outs: magical production of coin
21 – To Classic Palm One Coin of a Group
22 – The Deep Back Clip Steal: standing
24 Effects and Routines
24 – The Karate Coin: finger penetrates a coin tossed in the air
28 – The Complete Torn and Restored Coin: a coin is visibly torn and then restored (not a folder)
30 – Oval Purse Holdout: produce a stream of coins on command
32 – The Acentric Purse: production of coins from a purse frame
35 – High Flying Winged Silver: Coins across using edge grip
39 – Hanging Coins Plus: Coins vanish and reappear as they are hung on an invisible hook
44 – Flash Production: producing coins one at a time from apparently empty hands
46 – Standup Copper/Silver Classic: start/end clean. Uses C/S coin.
50 – Edge Grip Copper/Silver: opener using edge grip
51 – Ultra Coin Assembly: Chink a Chink for magicians, hands never cross
55 – Wild Coin No. 1: Silver coins turn to copper and are placed in a cup, when dumped out they are silver again.
60 – Wild Coin No. 2: standup impromptu version using a coin purse instead of cup
63 – The Portable Hole: A full routine involving a purse frame and a portable hole, in which coins vanish & reappear.

81 Spellbound
82 In a Twinkling (Wesley James): Spellbound color change with a touch of the fingertip
83 Touch Change One (Richard Kaufman): color change by rubbing two fingers
85 Touch Change Two (Richard Kaufman): as above
86 Touch Change Three (Geoffrey Latta): as above
87 Spellmell Bound (Richard Kaufman): continual change without grip change
89 Twisting With Victor (Wesley James): starts with both coins in one hand
90 The Inertia Change (Tom Gagnon): C/S reverse on the table
91 The Tiddlywinks Change (Tom Gagnon): C/S under a glass
92 Spin to Win (Mark Levy): C/S spinning coin change
93 Silver Slippage (Bruce Berkowitz): Spellbound sequence for magicians. At the end, two coins clink, but they are seen to both be copper!

95 The Sol Stone Section
96 Sleights and Finesse
96 – Turnover Vanish: visually deceptive coin vanish
97 – Ramsay Vanish Refined: coin vanish based on Ramsay’s.
98 – One Hand Spectator Sleeve Change: an impossible coin switch
99 – Tumble Switch/Change: utility move
101 – One Hand Thumb Palm Turnover Switch: coin exchange
102 Effects and Routines
102 – One Hand Triple Spellbound No. 1: C/S and Chinese coins
104 – One Hand Triple Spellbound No. 2: No gimmick, and harder
108 – Hung Coin: Chinese coin and string routine
112 – Pulling Silver: Silver dollar broken to halves, then quarters
115 – Double Twist: two C/S routine
118 – Half and Half: a C/S rolldown flourish
119 – Silver Hole Switcheroo: A hole in coin is pushed to the other edge of the coin

121 The Geoffrey Latta Section
122 Sleights and Finesse
122 – Ultimate Han Ping Chien: two handlings
126 – Isolation Placement: isolating a single coin from a stack
127 – One Hand Turnover Switch: utilty switch
127 – To Classic Palm Two Coins of a Group
128 Effects and Routines
128 – Thumb Touch Coins Across: uses only Geoff’s Han Ping Chien
129 – Standup Spectator Coins Across: anytime anywhere coins across into spectator’s hand
131 – Cosmic Coins Across: Ultra clean
133 – Silver Extraction: Silver coin is melted, leaving clear disk and molten metal
134 – Silver Extraction No. 2: as above (laymen)
135 – Wild Coin No. 3: three handlings, best when seated
141 – QuadraQuicksand Coins Away: One at a time four coin vanish can be done standing & surrounded
144 – Glassed In Attraction: Three silver coins join three coppers under a glass one at a time
147 – Impossible Under Glass C/S Switch: application of Tiddlywink change
148 – CopSilBrass: Copper/Silver/Brass routine; uses purse

153 Edward Marlo on The Sympathetic Coins
154 Olram’s Instant Sympathy: Impromptu four coin assembly
158 Simplex Matrix: Easy and direct assembly
162 Quick Coinvergence: Speedy method, uses dimes and two extras
164 They’re Here, No – There, No Where? Uses Tim Wenk’s E Pluribus Unum gimmick
168 What Happened? Another E Pluribus Unum gimmick effect

171 Slydini: Three New Sleights
172 Table Tilt Vanish: vanishes behind the table while transferred to other hand.
174 Palm Tilt Production: from a lapped coin. Also includes standup version
177 Automatic Sleeving: as one hand closes the other

179 Effects and Routines
180 Key to the Orient (Scott Weiser): Chinese coin and lock routine, uses edge grip
182 Framed (Scott Weiser): Double purse frame, expanded shell, Chinese coins
185 Visual Drop Switch (Richard Kaufman): visible change or secret switch
187 Framed Again (Richard Kaufman): purse frame, uses Visual Drop Switch. Similar to Framed, but no lapping or shell
189 Iron Curtain Coins (Scott Weiser): Tabled Coins Across, no lapping
193 Torn Between Two Worlds (Weiser and Kaufman): Half is split in two. Spectator and performer each take a piece. Performer’s piece turns to copper. Spectator open his hand and sees his is copper as well. Pieces are joined back together to a single coin again.
196 Stick It! (John Bentz): English Penny is wrapped in a napking, and three pins are stuck through it, both sides of the napkin being shown. Performer removes two pins, spectator removes the third, and all can be examined. Gimmick coin you can make.
199 Copper/Silver No. 1 (Roth, Latta, Arthur, et al.): Shuttle Pass
200 Copper/Silver No. 2 (David Arthur): with reset
201 Copper/Silver No. 3 (David Arthur): as above
202 Copper/Silver No. 4 (Geoffrey Latta): Uses Geoff’s Han Ping Chien
203 Copper/Silver No. 5 (Geoffrey Latta): offbeat method
204 Starfish Copper/Silver (Herb Zarrow): Copper & Silver coins change places at the fingertips
206 Imperial Ishtar (Ken Krenzel): Three coppers & three silvers exchange places. No gimmicks
207 C.S.B. on the Fly (Fernando Roman): CSB and coins across combination using 5 coins
209 Erase Away (Mark Levy): Coin switch using pencil eraser
210 ESPenny Miracle (Mark Levy): A glass of pennies is emptied on the table, and spectator views different dates. All are scooped back into the glass, and the spectator selects a penny. The date on that penny has been predicted.
211 Odd Coin Transit (Bruce Berkowitz): Impromptue 3 Silver, One copper routine
214 Open Travelers No. 1 (Richard Kaufman): Coins travel from one position to another on the table
216 Open Travelers With Edge Grip (Kaufman and Arthur): as above
218 Open Travelers No. 2 (Geoffrey Latta): as above, uses shell
220 Invisible Noise (Joe Safuto): Three coins are audibly dropped into a glass covered with a handkerchief, and are found to have acutally transferred there
223 Sleeved Coin Cut (Richard Kaufman): A coin locates a selected card
224 Telling Tails Vanish (Danny Korem): Heads/tails flip vanish, using shirt as servante
226 The Melting Coin (Les Shore): a borrowed quarter melts (and drips) away into nothingness
228 Shuttle Pass No. 2 (Friedhoffer): based on Schwarzman method
229 The Panda’s Purse (David Arthur): Impromptu 4 coins and purse routine
234 Melifluous Meld (David Arthur): two borrowed quarters visibly meld into half dollar
235 Last One Through (David Arthur): Last coin through the table handling using Latta’s Han Ping Chien
237 SeeSaw ‘Sembly (David Arthur): Four coins assemble then immediately return to starting position. Uses only 4 coins and cards.

245 Finishing Touches
246 The C.S.B.Q. Coins Across (Geoffrey Latta): A copper/silver/brass/quarter coins across using a purse and extra C/S coin
249 Shirting the Issue (Sol Stone): using the shirt for a complete vanish
251 Glass Topped Coin Through Table (John Cornelius): uses muscle pass
253 Molecular Coins Through Table (Derek Dingle): four coins through table
256 The Nefarious Nest of Boxes (Derek Dingle): a unique effect using a plastic set of nesting boxes
260 David Roth on the Retention Pass
261 IV (David Roth): a magician’s four coin vanish using above pass
264 Chinaman’s Chance (Dai Vernon): two coin transposition with the Vernon touch!

  • Publisher: Kaufman and Greenberg
  • Pages: 266
  • Location: New York, USA
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 1981, 1982
  • Binding: hardbound

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