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Coin Producing Tambour (Coin Tambour) by Viking Mfg.

(c. 1947,1975,1995)
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This effect was first produced by A&B Magic c. 1947, and then by Paul Diamond c. 1975.  Subsequently the rights where purchased by Viking Mfg. It is a great way to begin an Okito Box or Matrix routine.

It is not really a walk around effect because the set-up takes a few minutes of preparation and glue or a glue stick.  In fact if you pre-cut some paper (I use this packing paper from Amazon and fold it up and cut up a whole sheet with a guillotine to get lots of matching small pieces quickly) you could do the set-up in 30 seconds, but this is not the sort of thing you want to be messing with in a restaurant.  That being said, it is a very effective production of four or five coins that you almost never see these days. 

Just think about it – you hand the three rings and pieces of paper to the spectator and they seal everything up – the nature of the tight paper really precludes any trickery, and yet almost without them taking their eyes off the rings in an instant they can hear something rattling inside the rings – the paper is still sealed and when pierced out fall the coins.  A lovely moment.

Effect: The performer displays three rings, two thin ones and one wider, all made of quality brass. The two smaller ones are used to sandwich a piece of tissue paper to the larger one, forming a drum; paper covering the top and bottom of the larger ring. This is shown all-round, then the performer pops the paper open and dumps out 4 or 5 real half-dollars!

This is all done while the spectators watch or they can even form the drum-head themselves! That’s right, they can assemble the whole thing, yet when you tear away the paper, you produce the coins.

May be used to produce a ring, silk hank or other small objects.

Beautifully machined by the craftsmen at Viking Mfg. Co. Copied but never equalled.

(Notice: use your own coins and paper.)

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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