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Coin Slide (#13 of 17) by Clarence Miller, Oran B. Dent

(c. 2002)
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Thayer’s Mystic Coin Slide c. 1921 appears to have been the first version of this type of effect, followed by Carl Brema’s Coin Slide or Magic Mint c. 1925.  The term “coin slide” should not be confused with the gimmick used to load a coin into the center of a ball of wool (or in nest of box routines) which was used much earlier.

This is Clarence’s wonderful version and not only do you get a pretty little box, adorned with a cute little rabbit, it comes with two wonderful routines (and a variation) which make it seem much more than just a pretty slide. So often with a coin slide it is kind of a one off routine – you change the coin from one coin to another, but with Clarence’s routines this simple effect is turned into a feature effect. And only 17 of these beauties were made.

Effect: This is Clarence’s effect:

  • Remove the slide. Place a dime in the hole and place a penny on top of the dime, trapping the dime in the hole. Close the slide, and the dime drops through appearing to have penetrated the case.
  • Open the case. Dump the penny from the slide, showing that the dime is gone.
  • Place the penny in the slide. Place the dime on top of the penny and return the slide to the case.
  • Remove the slide and show that the dime is now under the penny, the dime seeming to have penetrated the penny.
  • Remove the penny and dime from the slide and vanish them by your favorite method.
  • Finally, remove the slide and show that the penny and dime have returned.

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