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Coin Card by Danny Archer

(c. 1998)
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This is not a particularly elegantly made gimmick, but it is a very clever idea and works very well.

Effect: From a pack of card, four cards are removed and tabled. The cards are slid aside and amazingly a coin has appeared beneath each card!

This is a gaffed card which will allow you to load four quarters (or half-dollars) under four different playing cards. I remember see ing a similar gaff in a book of Don England’s many years ago, but at the moment I cannot check the reference. The card that Danny sells is well-made and should last for many performances. He includes a simple method for loading the coins, and also provides a simple Matrix routine.

I can vouch for the effectiveness of this gaff. In the early part of February, a wellknown close-up worker smoked a small group of very well-informed magicians using this gaff. I was one of the group, and I didn’t have a clue as to how the coins were loaded. This performer used his own handling, but it was not radically different from what Danny offers in his instructions.

If card and coin combinations are your thing, this is definitely worth a look. Recommended.

(Michael Close - Magic Magazine, April 1998)
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