Chips (Colors) Electronic by Paul Picha

(c. 2005)
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This is an advanced version of the old sucker effect Lucky Light (Harry Stanley c. 1950) with three chips and a small box with three colored push button switches. It is created by the Austrian electronic wizard Paul Picha, who also created such wonders as the Stone of the Pharoah. Paul had a nice website at but it seems to have gone dark, like so many before it. The box is 100% self-contained with no magnets or external devices and unlike the original Lucky Light they can press their buttons multiple times and nothing will happen, until you finally try your chosen light which of course does light.

You show the audience an elegant box with a small light and three buttons with different colors, and explain that the light can only be lit with one of the three buttons. Now you place three chips the same colors as the buttons on the table and ask two spectators to choose one chip each. The last, third chip remains for you. Now, one by one, the spectators press their button corresponding to their selected chip. However, neither the first nor the second manages to turn on the light! Only you are able to light the lamp with the third button!

The key thing is that it does not matter if you press the button first, second or third! The feat can be repeated immediately (with different colors).

Your hands are free (no magnets, etc.), there are no remotes, and you do not add or remove anything and the box can even be examined! This is a great method that I have not seen before. And to top it off it uses standard AAA batteries which can easily be replaced by unscrewing the base unit, but they should last for months (years?) due to the small amount of power used for the light.

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