Chinka Chink by Eddy Taytelbaum

(c. 1968)
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I’ve only owned a few Eddy Taytelbaum items but there is no doubt this Chinka-Chink set is easily the finest available. What a beauty it is to behold and after Eddy’s Mummy this is my favorite Taytelbaum effect that I own.  The bright colors and smooth edges just make for a beautiful presentation.

Trying to maintain The Largest Online Magic Collection of Rare Magic, Vintage Magic and New Magic is primarily a labor of love and takes many hours every week for just a few new items, some of which are just mediocre effects. However, when you receive items like Eddy’s Chinka’s or these amazing beauties it makes it all worthwhile. Simply breathtaking.

Effect: The performer opens a box and removes four decorated little pyramids. These pyramids are called chinkas. A chinka is placed in each corner of the close-up pad. He begins covering the chinkas with his hands and one by one the chinkas vanish from under one hand and assemble under the other. The covering is done until all four chinkas are assembled under one hand. At the end of the routine, he stacks the chinkas on top of each other and push them through the table one by one until all four are in his hand under the table.

Special note: This is a perfect example of how Eddy improves the look of an effect. As you can see in the photo, he made this effect in a variety of different sizes and colors. The top of each chinka is beautifully laminated with a Japanese character. Sometimes he would pinstripe the sides of the chinkas.

He also made beautiful boxes for these little gems. These were made of wood or plastic and each box had a colored lining. The wooden boxes were pinstriped with gold paint, The plastic boxes were decorated with a Japanese character in the lower left corner. Each edge of the plastic boxes was mitered on a 45-degree angle and the box was polished to a mirror finish. He told me it takes longer to make the box than it does the Chinka.

Will Ayling describes using a set of Eddy’s Chinka’s in his book Genie Presentations.

(The video is by Francois Danis featuring one of his sets, not this Taytelbaum set.)

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