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Chinese Sticks by George Millward, Nielsen Magic

(c. 2009)
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Towards the end of 2009, George Millward made a total of 17 Chinese Stick sets which sold out within a few weeks. Unfortunately, this project was more work than George anticipated, and it interfered with his magic performing career, so he stopped making them and Norm Nielsen took over.

These ones are made by George Millward and decorated by Nielsen Magic. From the outside they look almost the same as the current Nielsen Magic ones, but inside they are mechanically very different and are not as smooth as the famed Nielsen Magic ones. When Norm took over he revamped the inside to make it run much smoother.

Effect: The performer shows two sticks together in his left hand, each containing tassels attached to the end of a string. It would seem that both sticks are connected, because when the magician pulls down on one tassel the other one goes up, and vice-versa. To prove that the sticks are not connected, the performer separates them at one end; and yet, he is still able to pull one tassel down, while making the other tassel travel upwards. To further prove that the sticks are not connected, the magician completely separates them, and even while disconnected, the tassels keep going up and down mysteriously through the sticks.

The “Chinese Sticks” is a timeless piece of classic magic. There have been many different styles of sticks in the market, and numerous routines have been published in the magic literature. Each performer adds has his or her unique touch to this effect. When it is well presented, this can be quite an entertaining piece of magic.

Each stick contains a hollow screw on the back that allows you to attach a dummy string and seemingly connect two sticks together. In his routine, Roy Benson “exposes” the connection in the back of the sticks, and to prove that they can be disconnected, he asks an audience member to take a pair of scissors and cut the string.

(This does not come with the original instructions but it does comes with a scan of the current Nielsen instructions for reference.)

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