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Chinese Flame Clock by Ed Massey

(c. 1954)
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This is one of best and most popular inventions from the prolific American Magician and Inventor: Ed Massey c. 1954. This is the original version sold by Massey, but they were not built by Ed himself, instead he had them built to precise standards by Andrew E. Buchanan Jr., who also supplied the wonderful patter-story that perfectly takes you through the moves giving motivation for each phase and also covers the one move very nicely. This original version is much better than I was expecting because I’ve often heard poor things about Massey’s early works – but it maybe better because Ed didn’t actually build any of them as far as I can ascertain. This original version is clearly surpassed by one of Milson-Worth’s crown Jewels, but it still looks great and works very smoothly.

Effect: This beautifully-made piece of authentic oriental design has three doors in the front and one in the rear. A candle stands in the cabinet which the performer explains is an actual old Chinese Flame-Clock.

The ancient Chinese would use a candle burning in the clock, and as the flame burned down, there would be a division of the twenty four hours. Eight hours for work, eight hours for play and eight hours for sleep. How this interesting historical fact is woven into a fascinating story is told by the performer.

Following this story, two daggers are inserted through the Flame Clock, thus apparently cutting the candle into three pieces. And when the doors in the front arc opened, the middle of the candle is missing. When the rear door is opened a silk is pulled through proving actually that there is no middle to the candle. After the doors have been closed and the daggers removed, when the doors are opened again there is the candle fully restored and removed from the clock for examination.

The Chinese Flame-Clock is mechanically perfect and is one of the finest constructed pieces of magical equipment of recent years. The effect is angle-proof, requires no set-up and is definitely in the mystery classification. Here is an ideal impromptu living room effect. It is sufficiently decorative to be used as an ornament in the home. When company drops in you won’t have to introduce the subject. Someone will spot the Flame-Clock and will want to know what it is and where it came from. Thus you are automatically placed in the position that delights the heart of every magician – you are being invited to do a trick that is always ready to show. You will love it – and so will your guests!

The Chinese Flame-Clock is sturdily made, of wood, finished in Chinese red with authentic characters in black, beautifully ornamented in brass. Two 13 inch daggers with wooden handles and bright metal blades are supplied.

(Notice:  This Original Massey Chinese Flame Clock uses real candles instead of wooden ones that are used by Milson-Worth for example, and I’ll include some spare candles should you need replacements in the future.)

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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