Chinese Color Rings by Thomas Pohle

(c. 2019)
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This is a colorful and clever version of Eddy Taytelbaum’s The Ring Box of Buddha c. 1955, which itself was based upon Kenard’s Mystery Box (Ring on Wand) c. 1941.

This very brightly colored and striking looking box has a number of clever features that not only streamline the basic effect but they take it further than any similar effect has gone before.  Thomas really poured some creative thinking into this bad boy 🙂

  1. There are only four rings used, and nothing is added or taken away.
  2. There is absolutely zero force in the selection of the ring.  The spectator can choose a different ring each time and the performance will look exactly the same (except that a different ring will end up on the wand!).
  3. The spectator can choose the color of the ring with the magician’s back turned and they never need to divulge the color until the very end.
  4. There appears to be no funny moves and everything flows from the choices Thomas has made in the construction of the effect.

If you are a Thomas fan or are looking for something new and different you will be delighted with this little beauty.

Effect:  The spectator is shown four colored rings and asked to freely select one of the colors by rotating the dial and covering the selection with the lid so that the magician does not know what color they have chosen.  The box is 100% opaque and there appears no way for the magician to see inside the box to know what color was selected.  The box is put aside for now.

The magician now lifts the cover of the tower and there is a wand with four colored rings suspended.  The rings are removed and everything can be examined if desired.  The magician then places all four rings back onto the wand and places it in the holder and replaces the cover.  The wand is pulled out slowly and the rings can be heard to fall to the bottom of the tower.  The wand is shown all around and gently returned back to rest inside the tower.

The magician gives the box a shake and now lifts the wand and cover up and only three rings can be seen on the floor of the tower.  Where is the forth color?  The wand and cover are returned to the tower and the cover is lifted and there hanging from the wand is the missing ring.  For the first time the spectator reveals which color they chose, and it is found to be the exact same color.

A perfect mini-illusion with color, mystery and suspense you will love 🙂

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