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Card Shuffler (Model 50) by Nestor Johnson Mfg.

(c. 1950)
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This amazing Card Shuffler was invented by Rudolph Notz c. 1950 and a USA patent was applied for it in 1950 and approved in 1955. These were manufactured and sold throughout the 1950’s by Nestor Johnson Mfg. Co of Chicago. They were very popular for a time and their demand was also fueled by the Canasta craze in the 1950’s.

These days you can only purchase vintage version of this device (they have not been made for decades) – but with a little bit of care and maintenance they will work much better and last a lot longer than the cheap plastic and electric ones you can purchase at Amazon.

I wanted to use one of these for a magical effect and thought the best use would be to perform one of the best card effects of all time: Out of This World.  And if you use a deck of Steven Perry’s Belly Strippers you are all set for an old world miracle 🙂


Effect:  Fold card trays down into position. Cut pack into two nearly equal halves and place on trays at each side of shuffler face side down, making sure cards are resting on rollers. CARDS MUST BE RESTING ON ROLLERS.

Turn handle clockwise to shuffle cards. A moderate rate of speed is recommended. Lift shuffler from pack. Cut pack in two halves and repeat as desired.

Two shufflings on your JOHNSON Shuffler will produce a mixing superior to hand shuffling 🙂

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