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Card Go by Jack Hughes

(c. 1938,1945)
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The legendary British Inventor, Craftsman, and Dealer, Jack Hughes, invented this item c. 1938 when he was building magic for Davenports.

This is a very rare find and the first time I have seen a genuine Jack Hughes original – if you look closely on the base, you can clearly see the name “J. Hughes” stamped not once but twice. Not only is this the original, it is the best version of the effect I have seen.  Some key points:

  • It works with both Bridge and Poker sized cards
  • Allows for more than one card to be vanished with zero reset.  You can vanish one after the other up to five cards (not that you would want that many, but multiple vanishes does look good).
  • The release uses two prongs made from clock springs, one on either side, which are very reliable and make for a clean vanish almost every time.
  • Easy load – just drop the card in the frame (as though it was just a frame!).
  • No premature Vanishes.
  • The Vanish does not require visual queues, you can stare at the audience the whole time.
  • Never misses – some versions of Card Go can miss and seeing a card flutter to the floor maybe funny but it is not very magical.
  • Almost silent operation.

Effect: One of the finest vanishes of a card you will ever see! A card is placed in a small frame, open back and front and with a flick of a silk handkerchief it vanishes without trace! A wonderful utility prop that can be used to vanish or change cards. It can be used to vanish a card for later production in Jack Hughes’ invented TV Card Frame. A very clever idea that you will be very pleased with.

Effect 2: Here is my routine that is shown in the video.  Have two cards chosen (in my routine they are both forced, but you could structure it such that only one needs to be forced).  Have the frame hidden with a silk hanky and say you have a prediction beneath the frame which matches the first card.  When the card is revealed under the frame it is shown to be the wrong one.  Cover it briefly with the hanky and now it changes to the chosen card!

Take the second card and tear a corner from it and give it to the spectator to hold.  Place the rest of the card in the frame. Show an empty card box, close it and give it to the spectator to hold.  The card now vanishes from the frame and the spectator opens up the card box and there inside is the chosen card with the corner missing, and of course the corner matches perfectly! (Or you could simply place the duplicate card in your wallet and pull it from your wallet after the vanish and have them check the corner.)

What I like about this effect is you use the frame for two distinct effects (a change and a vanish) but you end up far away from the frame with the card box taking some heat off the frame. Either way it is a very clever idea and this original version is the most practical version I have seen. 🙂


  • Card-Go Frame and base
  • All the cards needed to do Effect 2.
  • It’s Magic Silk handkerchief
  • Supply of Torn Card Revolution cards for the tearing of the corner with ease
  • Use your own card box to make the card appear again. Or simply pull it out from your wallet.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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