Buried Treasure by Ed Massey

(c. 1957)
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(Notice: does not include the ring, ring vanish, wand, beans or tray that are seen in the video.)

This is Ed Massey’s beautiful and original creation Buried Treasure c. 1957. In 1964 (the same year that Ed Massed passed away) another effect with a slightly refined method, but same basic principle also called Buried Treasure was created by Arturo (Glenn Babbs) and marketed by U.F. Grant and Abbott’s.

As far as I could tell there was no mention of Ed Massey as the original creator.  If you look at both effects the main change is that Arturo added two extra nested boxes and a fixed gimmick but there is no doubt the effect is the same (a marked coin is found embedded deep in rice or beans) and the method is very similar too.  That being said the effect looks better in Arturo’s version and his method is probably easier to perform but it would be at least nice to credit the creator of the original idea. Without Ed Massey’s version being released seven years earlier it is unlikely Arturo could have “invented” his version.

Arturo’s version has become the more popular version with builders like Mel Babcock and Louis Gaynor creating beautiful versions along with other versions, and so most people credit this effect to Arturo.  But the original effect that began it all by the great Ed Massey is still a wonderful surprising effect and a real fooler.

Effect: A small cabinet with a glass front is shown to be filled with rice. This cabinet has been in view of the audience since the opening of the performance. A marked coin, a ring or a signed card folded is caused to vanish.

The cabinet is brought forward and handed to a spectator to hold. The lid is then removed when there is revealed a silk cord running down into the middle of the rice. The spectator is asked to pull upon the cord, whereupon there is brought up from the depths of the rice a bulldog clip between the jaws of which is securely clamped the vanished object.

Finally the rice is poured out. As the slightest opening in the cabinet would cause the rice to escape, the mystery is how the vanished object was embedded in the rice, clipped in the jaws and attached to the cord.

The cabinet is approximately five inches square, decorated in two tones and raised on four little feet. There is extreme simplicity of operation. Merely in the act of handing the cabinet to the person the result is accomplished with no hesitation, no fumbling.

Here is one of those rare pieces of magical apparatus which may be used as a living room decorative piece. When a guest asks what it is, you are ready to perform. It is always set.


(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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