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Brainbow Divination by Magic Wagon

(c. 2020)
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This is a revised version of the Davenports/Demon Telepathic Colours sold by Davenport’s and Hamleys c. 1953 (see final photo for an example), and later sold by MBC Magic Studio (Ron MacMillan’s first store) c. 1962 and International Unique Magic (Ron’s MacMillan’s later store) c. 1985.  Magic Wagon uses the same method but they  have increased the number of colors that can be divined from four to six and of course added their own high quality box production.  The colors on the insert are quite stunning and can easily be seen from quite a distance.

The method distinguishes itself from similar effects because there are no sliding panels or tubes to look through.  However, because of the six colors it does rely on a fraction more memory work which you will know if you’ve reached fifty gets harder and harder to jam into the old noggin 🙂  There is a tiny gimmick which can be hidden in plain site or replaced with various other easily available alternatives.

The effect can be easily repeated if required.  A very nice effect from Magic Wagon that you’ll love playing with!

UPDATE: John M. Talbot (who is no stranger to turning Magic Wagon items into solid gold) has created the perfect routine for this device called “The Test“.  It features a chapter in the life of the legendary Engineer Casey Jones.  Not only does John provide an interesting and believable story for the prop itself, but also a wonderful mnemonic device that is part of the routine and allows you to do the effect without any memory work at all.  It is Brilliant 🙂

Effect: The performer displays a beautiful teak wood box along with a six sided hexagon wooden log colored (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Silver, and Violet). All of the items are then examined by the spectator. While the performer’s back is turned, the spectator is invited to place the log with his or her favorite color on top inside the box and lock it closed. The performer now turns around, holds the box in full view and immediately announces the chosen color while the box is still locked! The effect can be immediately repeated with a different outcome and everything can also be completely examined again.

Brainbow Divination measures approximately 10.6cms wide, 4.8cms high and 5.4cms deep and has been completely handcrafted from natural aged teak wood with a lightly distressed oil finish and slightly tarnished brass hardware has also been fitted for an age look.

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