Block Off Cord Revisited (Blok-Kord) by Shawn Reida, Louis Gaynor, Lyman Allen

(c. 1941,2017)
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Out of stock


My good friends over at Stevens Magic have recently released this wonderful item handmade by Louis Gaynor and Shawn Reida. And what a beautiful version of the classic effect, Blok-Kord, invented by Lyman Allen c. 1941, it is. Inspired by Howard Hale’s version this is certainly the prettiest and most robust version I have seen. The ropes and block are very solid and flow very easily. And because there are no gimmicks to worry about this bad boy is always ready to work. There is a simple move to learn but because the dimensions of the rope and block are perfectly designed it works so smoothly you’ll quickly forget you’re doing it!

At under $50 everyone can afford this classic item. Great job Shawn and Louis!

Highly Recommended for Performers and Collectors everywhere.

Effect: Stevens Magic & Shawn Reida Present… Block Off Cord Revisited. A Golden Oldie From The Past! A block penetrates a rope, simply and beautifully—once or many times. Even in the spectator’s own hands! Each time more amazing than the last! This trick has fooled some of the best minds in magic due to the fact of the very subtle and simple method used to accomplish the trick. You will receive a length of rope with stiff brass end covers. A hand-crafted, old world-style solid Wooden Block approximately 3 inches in size. (This quality of the block has been off the market for many years.)

Each block and rope is handmade by Louis Gaynor and Shawn Reida. These are a working performer’s model that is durable and will last a lifetime. Various suggested routines are included as well as Shawn’s 3-phase routine that he perfected over time. We know you will enjoy this classic effect in your show. An impossible penetration.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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