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BDM Safe Box by Bazar de Magia, Martin Pacheco

(c. 2020)
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It has been 22 years since Bazar de Magic released Murphy’s Chest c. 1998 and this is their follow-up.  I really like it, I know it is not a cool wooden box which collector’s like the best, but as a practical and suspicion free lock box for a Seven Keys type of effect it is hard to beat.  It is easy to perform with no hidden switches or set-up and can be freely handled by the spectator.  Even the keys are actually different which is pretty rare with this type of effect.  When I look at the various boxes and locks I have tried for this effect, this even rivals my favorite Anverdi item.

What I most like about this box is that it really looks like a normal, everyday petty cash box that you can buy at amazon.  The method is very easy to learn and with minimal audience control you can give the box to the spectators to try each key and if you want you can even have them open the box with the final key too.

Effect: Have you ever imagined being able to control your luck or a spectator’s luck? One metal box, five different keys ( no sleight of hands, no changes). Only one of them opens the metal box. Your bet. You put your bet into the metal box and lock it. Then you mix that key with the other four. The spectator freely chooses a key. The last one is for you. The keys may be exchanged. There is no sleight of hands or key switches. Everything is always in full view. Each spectator tries to open the metal box but they fail. The last key, your key opens the metal box. You can have it opened or open it yourself. It’s your choice This is just one of the routines.

There are a lot of possibilities with BDM SAFE BOX:

  • Everything can be handled by the spectators
  • Everything is always in full view
  • No electronics
  • The Inside and outside can be examined
  • The system is new only 5 keys, all the keys are different and can be examined
  • There are no key switches
  • Easy to do

It includes a metal box, 5 different keys, online instructions and a pdf file with more routines, suggestions and tips.

(Notice: Includes: Online Instructions.)

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