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Auction starts: December 4, 2019 12:00 am

Auction ends: December 6, 2019 7:44 pm

Starting bid: $75.00


This bundle combines three different slate effects:

  • Locking Flap Slates (Non Magnetic) by Louis Gaynor – My favorite slates are still the Dr. Q Spirit Slates by Thayer Quality Magic/Owen Magic Supreme but these well crafted ones by Louis Gaynor are a close second, they are nicely made and the locking mechanism works like a dream.
  • Baker-Dunninger Slate Deluxe by Louis Gaynor – This version of the Baker-Dunninger Slate is the best available today and with the new locking system, a must have!  What I particularly like about this one is that the choice of routines are a little more than the standard add a number effect which make for a much more rounded and useful prop.
  • Sliding Hole in Wood Frame by Garrett Tilles – Located on the right end of the wooden board is a round hole. A pen is inserted into the hole. And, lo, the hole starts moving together with the pen. It migrates up, down and across freely in any direction. To conclude the act, guide the hole to the end of the board and slowly remove the pen to reveal the hole. The hole has traveled the entire length of the board from its original location on the right while in constant full view of the audience.


(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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