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Bank Night Gone Wrong Deluxe by Tony Lackner, Eckhard Boettcher

(c. 1989)
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There were only 2 or 3 sets of this wonderful prop created by the talented German Craftsman Tony Lackner and routined by the prolific Eckhard Boettcher. The props are beautiful and work perfectly, and much better than the similar copies made by Mikame Craft and others in later years.  But what I really like most about the effect is it is one of the best versions of Bank Night I have seen.

  • Firstly, the spectator always wins so they are not disappointed when the envelope is opened.
  • Secondly, it looks like the magician looses at the same time.
  • Finally, the reveal of the other choices shows that the magician did win in the end, so everyone goes away happy 🙂

The method is totally clean and this really is a strong effect that can be seen easily in a  parlor and small stage thanks to the large colored chips created by Tony.

Effect: Performer exhibits five white envelopes with different colored dots. On a black wooden display stand are five large chips each of a different color that matches the dots on the envelopes.

The audience is told that inside one of the envelopes is a magical Joker, andinside the other envelopes are consolation prizes. The spectator is handed a $5.00 bill and told if they can pick the correct color envelope, they can keep the $ 5.00. The odds are obviously in the performer’s favor.

To eliminate the possibility that he somehow influences the spectator’s choice, the large chips are gathered together and placed into an unprepared bag where they are mixed about.

The spectator reaches in and removes any chip they like. It’s a free choice. When they turn it over and reveal the chosen color, the matching envelope is given to them to open. Let’s say they pick the red chip. The red envelope is now opened and surprisingly, inside is the magical Joker! The performer looks puzzled as the $ 5.00 is now the spectator’s to keep. Something must have gone wrong.

However, he then opens the envelopes the spectator did not choose and reveals the “consolation prizes”. In one envelope is a $10.00 bill. In the next, a $20.00. Then a $50.00 and finally $100.00.

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