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Ball Vase (Mesquite) by Richard Spencer

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Winning Bid: $250.00

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The Ball Vase was first described over 250 years ago in Dean’s The Whole Art of Legerdemain (1763). The Ball Vase is probably one of the most common effects in every Children’s Magic Set and for this reason it quickly gets ignored because we’ve all seen them before.

However, when you pick up a Ball Vase from Richard Spencer everything changes. These beauties are breathtaking and look and work flawlessly! As much as I love the work created by my friend Kent Bergmann at 3D Magic Works you’re never going to compete with the almost primal attraction many of us older guys have to real wood. The touch, weight and smell just trigger something that synthetic materials can’t – solid wood just feels right (although I will say Kent is getting closer on each release!).

These Ball Vases in Mesquite are at a price point that you don’t need to break the bank to purchase one. However, you have to ask yourself when you see something this beautiful how long will it be before you are stampeding for one of these bad boys? I don’t think it will be very long at all.

These are perfect. Highly Recommended for Magic Collector’s and Lovers of Fine Art everywhere.

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