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Balance by Joshua Jay

(c. 2018)
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For the types of shows I do these days I knew I was never going to perform this but I was very  intrigued by the effect so purchased and watched the detailed instructions though I have never actually opened the box.  I will say this is much better than I expected.  Jay goes into great detail on how to perform the effect to its best advantage and talks about how the whole effect came about.

There is no doubt performed well this looks like real magic.  Performed badly it will not look like real magic.  The fact that you start out by having everything minutely examined really removes any suspicions that the audience might have.  It is best performed in a formal close-up or parlor setting, and in the right situation this will leave then gasping.  It is easy to do but will take some practice to make it look as good as Josh does, but it is certainly not hard to do.

This could just be the effect you have been looking for to raise your game and really bring back moments of astonishment and true magic to your audience.

Effect:  “Balance” features the rarest effect in magic: suspension. An eclectic but ordinary group of objects are passed out for close examination: a bottle, a card box, a pencil, a toothbrush, and a crayon box. Nothing is sticky, no strings – totally normal.

The objects are collected and, one by one, they are stacked, first in ways that seem impressive, but possible, and then in ways that are COMPLETELY impossible. At the end, your audience is left with a stunning impossible sculpture; each object hanging impossibly in the air without explanation.

“Balance” is the perfect closer or encore piece for a parlor show because it is SO unlike anything else that would appear in a magic show. And unlike most magic, “Balance” LIVES in a state of impossibility. With every phase you build, the magic is staring at them, even after you’ve left the stage.

A New Kind of Magic: One thing Joshua didn’t expect as he developed “Balance” is the unusual, 21st-century quality associated with it. People HAVE to take pictures of it. They can’t help themselves. It’s too unusual NOT to remember, and everyone wants to take home evidence of what they’ve seen. Over time, Joshua has learned to lean into this, actually allowing his audiences to film it and get pictures of it afterward.

A Stunning Package of Props: You receive everything you need to perform “Balance” in a beautiful foil-encrusted box. Your props for the trick are kept in a velvet box that allows you to switch the examined objects for the specially-made props imperceptibly onstage, without any special pockets or servante. The hinged box has protective “wings” so you can perform “Balance” virtually surrounded. You receive ten hand-crafted props that have each been designed under Josh’s watchful eye. And, you get Joshua Jay on video, one of magic’s best teachers, taking you through every detail of the routine.

Perform it Immediately: Joshua’s creations take years to develop and in some cases, years of practice to perform. Happily, “Balance” can be performed within MINUTES of opening the box for the first time. The only skill you’ll need is FAKING the difficulty of doing it.

Exclusivity: When you SEE the package, you’ll see what a bargain this is. The whole package exudes quality, and this is a small investment in what will become the closing piece of your show. And, the price will necessarily keep the routine from becoming over-exposed. You will likely be the only one in your area performing “Balance.”

Quality you can’t Fake: Joshua Jay does NOT release magic often. We get a glimpse into his creative process every five years or so, when he releases something new. That’s why his magic–from “Triad Coins” to “Inferno” to “Out of Sight” is IMMEDIATELY snatched up upon release, and it’s hard to keep his creations in stock. He thinks through every aspect of an effect, from the theatrics to the product design, right down to how to reset between shows. THAT is what you’re investing in with “Balance”: years of painstaking detail.

(Notice: Includes: Online Instructions.)

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