Baker, Tysl, Sewell Vanishing & Reappearing Block by Michael Baker

(c. 2011)
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To those familiar, this is generally considered my flagship item …

… and so begins the website listing of Michael Baker’s stunning contribution to truly breathtaking and clever magic.  In terms of sheer beauty and ingenuity this remarkable effect rivals anything that Milson-Worth, Richard Gerlitz, Mel Babcock and others have produced.

It works beautifully with two unique cooperating devices:

  1. to Vanish the block using a self-working vanish devised by Michael Baker and Bob Tysl that instantly causes the block to vanish without any apparent moves or clues.
  2. to make the block Reappear threaded on the rod using Sewell’s Block on rod (c. 1940 by Len J. Sewell).

The whole outfit is perfectly proportioned and best of all it is not too large with the block a healthy 3″ square, the vanish pedestal is ~12″ high and the reappearance cabinet ~11″ wide, so it will fit neatly in your collection with room to spare.

The finish on these pieces is also amazing with bright rich colors that are deep and enduring.  There is no doubt if I was trying to maintain a physical collection instead of my ongoing project I would keep this item safely right here with me.

Few props I have purchased over the last 20 years of collecting magic have caused a lump in my throat but some that have include:

and I’m pleased to say that The Baker, Tysl, Sewell Vanishing & Reappearing Block by Michael Baker is most certainly a new one to add to the list.

Absolutely Stunning.

Effect: To those familiar, this is generally considered my flagship item.

The set combines the Len Sewell Block on Rod Appearance with the Baker-Tysl Block Vanish, a co-creation of magic collector Bob Tysl, and me. Up until now, these sets have only been made by commission. Only a few of the world’s top magic builder’s have made the Sewell effect, and even fewer have done it correctly or with any quality. Among them are John Gaughan and Eric Lewis. I was asked by Bob Tysl to tackle this project several years ago. Although the first couple sets achieved the standard of quality that we wanted, we hoped for a better block vanish to accompany the set than what had previously been used. After a lot of R & D, we hit on the present block vanish.

Two cabinets are seen. One cabinet resembles an oriental design pagoda. A door on the front opens to reveal a decorative block. The block is locked in the cabinet by a long rod that runs horizontally through both the cabinet and the block. The other cabinet is essentially a box with a lid atop a turned pedestal. There are large holes in the front and back of this cabinet allowing a view completely through the box.

The rod is removed so the block may also be removed from the cabinet. The block may be seen freely, and from any side. The rod is replaced through the empty cabinet, and the door closed.

The block is placed into the box atop the pedestal. It is clearly seen through the large holes. The lid is placed on and still, the block may be seen through the large holes. The lid is then removed for a second, rotated 90 degrees and placed on again. This time, All the large holes are blocked, so the block cannot be seen. Immediately, the lid is removed and the block has vanished! (You may also have the block change to a silk.)

The cabinet with the rod is opened and the block is seen inside the cabinet, THREADED ON THE ROD!! The appearance is absolutely impossible.

This set is of the finest workmanship. You will not find one available that is better, or more beautiful. It takes a couple months to make one of these correctly. All colors are coordinated in red, yellow, jade green, gold, and black. As with all products from The Magic Company, the decals are custom made. The set comes with very detailed instructions and everything you need.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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