Mon September 20, 2021 06:19 AM CDT

The auction process is pretty straight forward and similar to Ebay. Your bid is a commitment to buy, so don’t bid unless you are sure.
  • Register First: You have to register to bid here.
  • No commissions or Buyers’ Premiums: you only pay what the final bid is and there are no other fees – not even shipping.
  • Actual Items: The items photographed are the actual items being sold, hopefully the photos and description show and explain any issues if there are any.  If you have doubts please ask first – on every product page there is a Product Enquiry Tab near the middle of the page to speed any requests along.
  • Proxy and Automatic Bids: You can put in a maximum bid and it will only use from the maximum if someone else bids or you are below the reserve.
  • The End of The Auction: the end of the auction is the fixed time stated on the product page – all bids that are received by the server before that time will be counted, and the end of the auction will not extend based on last minute bids.  So get your bids in early and use the automatic bid feature with a high maximum to maximize your chance of winning the auction.
  • Bidding Emails: Once you are the high bidder you will get an email to say you have the high bid.  The system will alert you every time someone bids against you until you are no longer the high bidder.
  • International Orders: We don’t ship outside of the USA, but if you are abroad you can read here for options.
  • Payment: PayPal is the only form of payment allowed and there are no PayPal Fees.
  • Winning Bids: all winning bids are expected within 48 hours of the auction finishing. I will combine multiple items so if you are bidding on multiple items wait until they are all finished and then place one payment for them all.
  • Shipping: Shipping is free for all USA Orders. We do our best to ship within three business days after payment and often sooner.  We use USPS Priority mail for all shipments.
  • Texas Sales Tax: If your shipping address is in Texas, 8.25% will be added to your invoice.
  • Time Zone: Central Time – Texas.
  • Auction Times: The auction runs from Wednesday at midnight until Friday when they start to close around 7pm CST.  All auctions are over by 8pm CST.  We normally have a new auction of 20 items every 2 months and have a countdown on the home page to tell you when it will begin.
  • Email List: If you want to be added to the email list sign-up here.  An email is sent out when the auction starts and one about 3 hours before it finishes. We almost never send out any other emails.

Thanks, and enjoy the magic and the auction 🙂

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